Public Viewing on UT Campus Telescopes

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Public viewing nights on UT campus telescopes are currently on hold through September. We hope to resume our public programs soon so please check back next week for more details.

Viewing times change throughout the year so please check this page for current times before planning your visit. Please call 512-232-4265 for weather cancellation information. This line is updated approximately 30-45 minutes before the scheduled start time. (If you get an old message from an earlier date, that means the line has not been updated for the current date yet.). There is no age limit, although adult supervision is required at all times for young children.

If you are interested in bringing a small group of 15 or fewer, you may come to a public viewing night without prior arrangements. If you plan on bringing a group of more than 15, please notify Lara Eakins at least two weeks in advance to avoid having too many groups show up on the same evening. Please note: we do not do private events for groups or individuals.

Public viewing nights occur throughout the year while the unversity is in session. Typically spring semester viewing runs from late January to early May, summer sessions viewing runs from early-to-mid June to mid-August, and fall semster viewing runs from early September to early December. Check the page for each telescope for specific information on the current session's schedule.

To receive email announcements of special events and changes in times for public viewing on our campus telescopes, please sign up for our list at UT Lists. You can join through the web at: https://utlists.utexas.edu/sympa/info/ut_astro_public_events (subscribe/unsubscribe links on left sidebar)


Public Viewing Frequently Asked Questions


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