Astronomy is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of study at the University of Texas. The Department of Astronomy has steadily grown and diversified since its inception in the early 60s, and now is one of the country's major astronomy centers. Many undergraduate students at Texas take astronomy courses, whether to satisfy distribution requirements, to diversify a major in a related field of science, to fulfill astronomy major requirements, or just simply out of interest in the subject. This booklet is addressed to those who wish to pursue astronomy as part of their overall undergraduate studies.

Why Major in Astronomy?

Astronomy as a Career

The Astronomy Department at UT

Requirements for the Major

Choice of Courses

Suggested General Plan for the Bachelor Degrees in Astronomy

Final Comments

Helpful Links

Information subject to change. This is not intended as a substitute for advising, but merely to give prospective students an idea of the opportunities available for those wishing to major in astronomy.

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