By entering the roof surface you are agreeing to abide by these rules.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in your removal from the building.


On the roof:

* No smoking is allowed on The University of Texas campus

* No running or horseplay on the roof

* Do not climb the chain-link fence

* Children must be under adult supervision at all times

* Do not move any barriers to leave the public paver area

* Food and non-alcoholic drinks are permitted, but please properly dispose your trash

* No throwing objects from roof

* No yelling from the roof down at pedistrians at the ground level

* Only authorized personnel are allowed to use green laser pointers


Inside the telescope dome:

* Photos of the telescope are permitted, but NO FLASH USE in the telescope dome

* No open top drinks (bottles and cups with lids are fine). No alcohol is permitted.

* Food is okay, but please dispose of all trash and be careful of dropping crumbs (they attract bugs!)

* Children must be under adult supervision at all times